Gordon Brown Can’t Help Giving Other People’s Money Away!

He’s back spending English Taxpayer’s money. Gordon Brown, known for his generosity with other people’s cash, pledged to give higher benefit payments to Scotland’s voters if they abandon the SNP and vote Scottish Labour.

No explanation as to Brown’s previous form on this kind of profligacy is required Gordon Brown buys Scottish votes for Labourunless you just happen to have been in a coma for the last 15 years.

At a meeting today in Scotland, Jim Murphy (leader of Scottish Labour) and Gordon Brown exposed their panic driven policies in a desperate attempt to turn Scotland’s voters away from a rampant surge in support of Nichola Sturgeon’s Scottish National Party.

In anticipation of a virtual wipe-out north of the border, potentially losing 40+ MPs in the 2015 General Election,  it seems the imploding Labour party will stop at nothing, even squandering English Taxpayer’s hard-earned money to buy themselves a victory.

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