History will not be kind to Prime Minister Cameron!

Let’s be honest, can any Tory activist, politician or casual supporter name a single successful defining policy during the past five and a half years that can be attributed to David Cameron’s premiership?

We can all agree the economy has improved, jobs, tax revenue and living standards are up, and our budget deficit is down. But none of it can be associated with our PM!

The Nothing Man!
The Nothing Man!

Only one single act of legislation can be associated with the above economic recovery – tax reduction!

Unfortunately for David Cameron, those who understand politics will be well aware the increase in tax thresholds was a bold LibDem policy, not at all considered by a nervous prospective Tory government in May 2010. Amazingly,  that’s where it begins and ends. By making taxes less of a burden,  the unemployed have gone back to work.  The result has been increased tax revenues, investment and deficit pare down. And that’s it ladies and gentlemen, the economic recovery in a nutshell!

Nothing else has contributed, NHS and Overseas aid ring fencing has done nothing to help. The Scottish Referendum yielded nothing, Britain simply knuckled down and got on with it. Immigration hasn’t contributed, the EU has held us back and every other Tory policy,  be it during, or post coalition has been insignificant to say the least.

So where does Cameron go from here? Well, he has promised to go. During those ridiculous kitchen interviews in the run-up to the last election, Mr Cameron insisted he will not contest the 2020 election. His lucky, but un-spectacular Chancellor;  George Osborne is yet another wet Tory in waiting.  Boris is past his sell by date and Teresa May will probably fall, due to the immigration crises she has so significantly failed over.

By 2018 Cameron will be withdrawing from the race, the economy will still be recovering,  be it so slowly, no one will have noticed. The EU referendum will have come and gone, Britain will have voted to stay in and Mr Cameron will slip away without a single reform or creditable policy.

How sad that in today’s political world, doing next to nothing and not actually having a failed economic, or any other kind of policy, will result in a very average Prime Minister recorded in history as a “Nothing Man”!


  1. Cameron is no Lady T, but at least he’s kept us out of legal wars and economic disaster. But I have to admit, even I, a died in the wool Conservative voter for 40 years cannot list a single policy Mr Cameron has defined himself by.


  2. Does anyone here not see the stability this government brings is the most significant factor in our present upturn. More importantly, what alternative is there?


    • Boris is a right wing loon and would never stack up against Jeremy, bring it on Eton boys, we’re waiting for ya hahaha!


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