Students are too stupid to learn!

On today’s BBC Victoria Derbyshire show, there was a quite extraordinary moment live on UK national television.

Using a typical focus group of unknown veracity, one particular member of the group, who clearly hadn’t spent any time whatsoever researching for the show, discovered she had mistakenly put, the UKs most famous eurosceptic; Nigel Farage, down as a Liberal Democrat! But don’t worry, her embarrassing mia culpa was quickly massaged away when someone excused her ignorance by explaining that she was representative of the voting public!

Well I’m sorry BBC, but we Brexiteers have be lectured time and time again that it was the educated young people of Britain that understood the complexities of Brexit and we older folk didn’t know what we were voting for!

Perhaps it’s better if the BBC don’t get involved in politics and definitely drop their silly campaign to force the government to give voting rights to 16 year olds.

Victoria Derbyshire Show BBC Television
18 year old student in BBC Focus Group

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