Labour’s Policy Manifesto Looks More Like A Sponsored Trolly-Dash!

The Urban Dictionary describes a Trolly-Dash as; “Used literally in the context of competitions in which the prize is to run around a shop (for 3 minutes, say) and everything you can chuck in your trolly you keep. Now used as a metaphor for coarse, undignified consumerist greed”.

Free Stuff is popular, but only if it is actually FREE!

In a Trolly-Dash, the idea is to win a competition, or be selected from a queue at the opening of a new supermarket and fill your trolly with all you can fit in. It was all the rage in the 1970s and 80s and you got to take away the contents of your trolly for free.

For over 70 years, the Labour Party have been offering FREE STUFF! Their claim to provide free health care in the late 1940s was rightly popular. More recently, they have offered free school meals, childcare, food, further education, and more recently, fibre optic Internet!

But as every one knows in these more politically enlightened times, they omit to say these things are ‘free at the point of use’! There is always a price to pay and it’s the workers who pay tax that cop the bill.

Corbyn’s manifesto Trolley-Dash

But for decades, the socialists have forgotten how to appeal to working-class taxpayers, they’ve abandoned them in favour of lifestyle benefit claimants and immigrants who prefer to consume taxes than pay them.

The working classes have – in recent

Working class deserting Labour

times – distinguished the difference between ‘free’ and ‘free at the point of use’! Labour have been exposed, recently polling puts Corbyn’s ‘trolly-dash, give away party 20 points behind the Tories among working-class voters. It looks like Boris is about to emulate Margaret Thatcher’s’ blue collar tory revolution of the 1980s!

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