Who Will Replace Corbyn When He Loses The General Election?

Back in October this year, Jeremy Corbyn’s closest ally and shadow chancellor John McDonnell – in an interview for GQ magazine – admitted the Labour leader would have to stand down if he failed to win the next General Election. He also went on to say, his own position would be untenable and the next leader should be a woman!

Fast forward one month and we find polling expert, Prof. John Curtice describing Labour’s chance of winning the 12th December election as “as close to zero as possible.”

It is no political secret that shadow business secretary, Rebecca Long-Bailey has been touted as the future leader of the Labour party! Given John McDonnell revealed “their next

Rebecca Long-Bailey Future Labour Leader

leader should be a woman” – is Long-Bailey up to the task? Or perhaps the more penetrating question should be, will Corbyn and McDonnell’s Marxist grip on the party crumble after a potential catastrophic defeat at the polls, opening up the parliamentary Labour party to a reconquest by the moderate ‘Blairites’?

It’s a well known fact that Marxist regimes hardly ever resign, usually, they are deposed, often by an army that hasn’t been paid for months. But this is Britain, not Venezuela or Cuba. Corbyn is tired and suffering poor health.  McDonnell – in his GQ interview with Alastair Campbell – implied he had no intention of succeeding Corbyn. Should Corbyn throw in the towel after the 12th December, the Labour party will descend into open warfare between its two factions. Labour moderates will seize their chance to take on the Momentum movement within. It will be bloody, it will be public and it will be

David Miliband Heir to Blair


Does Rebecca Long-Bailey and her Momentum machine have enough fire in their bellies to deliver her the crown she has been promised?  Or will the moderates, possibly led by David Miliband, raleigh behind the real heir to Blair and install the man who was robbed of the Labour throne by his younger and less connected brother?

David Miliband would find it hard to abdicate his lucrative ‘million dollar’ charity career, but could he resist his lifetime ambition to become leader of the party that for decades has been his family’s dynasty, akin to the Kennedy’s and Clinton’s?

The prospect of leading a future Labour Party to a General Election victory in 2024 would be almost, certainly irresistible!

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