10 Years After The World’s Leading Climate-HOAX Scientists Were Exposed, They’re Still At It!

In November 2009, the world was losing its head over climate change. The scientists and those who stood to gain financially from their outrageously corrupt data were waging a phony war against the ordinary people of the world.

Unknown to us, greedy, corrupt and incompetent climate scientists around the world were receiving billions of pounds from shady global leaders and even shadier global speculators to falsify the science behind the fake global warming lobby.

What happened next should have shocked the world. But instead, the world’s media conspired to contain and kill the story dead. It worked. Nobody talks about the worlds greatest and most expensive scandal. In fact, it carries on, even more powerfully than ever before. The same scammers are still in control, pumping out the same fake data, taking billions in funding and infecting our children’s minds through universities, schools and the media.

With gratitude to  journalist Tony Thomas for his essay at Conservative Woman wegreta cannot recommend his article more highly. We shall provide a taster of his essay, then you can click in the link provided to read on… The only question we ask, before you read his excellent piece, is, how on earth have we not done more to stop the new wave of anti-capitalists like Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion from increasing the taxes on the average working taxpayers with the aim of destroying our economies and our way of life under the scam of a ‘so-called’ Climate Emergency?

IT’S the tenth anniversary this month of the 2009 Climategate email dump that exposed top climate scientists’ chicanery and subversion of science – and did so in their own words and out of their own mouths, or keyboards. I’ll list a few emails-of-infamy shortly, but first some background.

For the three years before Climategate, the climate crowd was ascendant with its pseudo-narrative of ‘settled science’. Al Gore’s error-riddled propaganda movie An Inconvenient Truth of 2006 had swept the Western world and its schoolkids. In 2007 Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change shared the Nobel Peace Prize. In late 2008 Barack Obama won the White House, proclaiming in his modest way: ‘This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.’ 

The Climategate emails hit the blogosphere just a month before the Copenhagen summit was scheduled to lock Western countries into Kyoto Mark 2, a legally-binding commitment to renewables from 2012. Climategate destroyed warmists’ moral high ground and reinforced the natural reluctance of most governments to up-end their economies with emission controls. The Copenhagen circus fell apart, resolving merely to ‘take note’ of the exhortations to action by Obama and like-minded leaders.

The mainstream media strove to ignore and bury the Climategate revelations. The climate establishment ran half a dozen inquiries with limited briefs and ludicrous lack of rigour, all of which purported to clear the climate scientists of wrong-doing. [1] But even today, ten years after, scientists faithful to their calling and disciplines can only shudder at what Climategate revealed. Those who subverted the scientific method were not fringe players but at the pinnacle. They were doing the archetypal studies ‘proving’ catastrophic human-caused catastrophic warming (CAGW) and shaping the content and messaging in the six-yearly reports of the IPCC……..


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