Labour’s Pledge To Help W. A. S. P. I. Women Is An Election Game Changer!

Corbyn has just given himself a credible chance to turn the polls and narrow the gap against the Tories in the smartest General Election move so far!

It’s clever, it’s popular and the Tories can’t do anything about it!

When John Mcdonnell announced yesterday to “rectify an historic injustice” for WASPI Women, the media, even their own onside-publications, reported it with indifference.

But this is one of the biggest issues in Britain today. There are around 4 million women across the UK affected by David Cameron’s unpopular change to the pension rights of 1950’s born women, who were told their retirement age was to be extended from 60 to 65! Although massively under reported by the mainstream media, the campaign to restore the pension rights to (Women Against State Pension inequality) ‘WASPI WOMEN’ has huge support.

Having lost their case against the government in October, WASPI Women launched a crowdfunder campaign and raised  £80,000 in just 21 days to fund an appeal.

So why do I think this new promise of spending almost £60 billion pounds compensating WASPI Women will cut through after Corbyn’s ‘free internet’ pledge crashed? Put simply, this is the rump of the Baby Boomer generation. A privileged group of post war children who enjoyed exponential growth in property values, pension increases and the 50s and 60s feelgood factor. They don’t like to lose!

These 4 million (and still growing) women, are seeking compensation for their – on average – £15,000 loss to date! Add a further 8 to 20 million husbands, children and grandchildren, who would support their wives, mothers and grandmothers, and you have a huge demographic.

Why is this a clever move by Labour? Currently, the Conservative government is at war in the courts with WASPI Women, if they were to acknowledge or emulate Labour’s claim of injustice, then they would compromise their legal defence in the coming WASPI Women appeal.

Whether you agree with Labour’s use of this unfunded tactic or not, whether you support the WASPI Women’s case or not, you cannot deny it’s a clever move by Corbyn and McDonnell.

Personally I think we’ll see the polls move in favour of Labour in the next few weeks, because they’ll flesh out their funding of this pledge as they see it cut through. If they’re really clever, the Labour party election machine will bring forward a few more of these popular manifesto bombshells, possibly for veterans and other patriotic minority groups.

Labour have long neglected the indigenous, hardworking people of Britain, but they’re desperately behind in the polls, expect them to seize onto the idea of the politics of ‘Populism‘, usually despised by socialists around the world, because when they’re in danger of losing an election, they will deploy any and every strategy in the play book to win, regardless of whether they intend to fulfill it or not!

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