How To Solve All The World’s Major Problems In One Single Policy!

It’s so simple, so easy and so appealing why hasn’t any government thought of this before?

It even has a cool, trendy acronym: WoTE! (World Travel Embargo).

So, how does it work, what are the benefits and why would it be so appealing to almost everyone?

A world travel ban – on almost everyone and everything – has so many upsides and so few downsides it is pure genius and even better, I thought of it first.

Here’s how it works. A virtual world travel ban would obviously have ‘pros and cons’, but there are far too many pros to even worry about the cons.


  1. Enormous reduction in Air, Sea & Land transportation.
  2. Huge cuts in carbon emissions that would satisfy the Green Lobby.
  3. A huge reduction in immigration relieving the stress on public and social services such as; the NHS, education, job vacancies, housebuilding, road transport congestion, school places, welfare claimants, pensions and many others.
  4. A boost for the unemployed, who would take up jobs without competition from low paid migrant workers.
  5. An increase in wages for UK nationals due to point 4.
  6. A reduction in crime.
  7. A reduction in terrorism.
  8. A reduction in people and drug trafficking.
  9. A reduction in our balance of trade deficit.
  10. Billions of pounds saved on overseas aid and charity spending.


  1. An initial loss of jobs in transport – aviation, export jobs, tourism etc. (Though much of this would be mitigated by internal increases)
  2. A reduction in economic activity. (Though much of this would be mitigated by internal increases)
  3. A reduction in export income.(Though much of this would be mitigated by internal increases)
  4. A reduction in the size of bureaucrats and civil services. (Actually a government saving.)
  5. That’s about it.

So, come on readers, what are your thoughts??




  1. It would be a start but the real problem is the unproductive overpopulation. The best way to ‘Save The Children’ is not to have them in the first place. Birth control is a priority around the world.


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