A True Climate Emergency Story.

We spoke to Jenny in Melton Mowbray about the fashionable trend of ‘Climate Emergency’.

Jenny told us she believes in the climate emergency because her 3 grandchildren – aged 8, 9 and 11 – have told her so. “They should know” said Jenny, “young people are so much more in the know these days!”

After a little investigation, it turns out, Tom, their primary school teacher (aged 25) told Jenny’s grandchildren there was a “Climate Emergency”.

Tom must be a science expert we thought! But, after more investigation, Tom has a MA in creative arts (storytelling).

So where does Tom’s knowledge of climate science come from we asked? A little more digging uncovered the source. Tom’s parents were environmental activists in the late 1980s at university. Tom’s dad studied Psychology and his mother studied Performing Arts. After University, Tom’s dad got a job with a high profile environmental charity in 1995 and is now on £80k per year as Head of Projects manager. Tom’s mother writes historical novels (as yet, unpublished) and is a local member of extinction rebellion.

The moral of this story – Be very careful when ceding your common sense and influence to your grandchildren. They may just be victims of brainwashing by Tom’s dad who needs to keep his £80k per year job until he retires on a gold plated, taxpayer funded pension having done nothing productive all his life! 

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