The Labour Party Has Become A Minority Movement For Freaks, Spongers And Illegal Immigrants!

The Labour Party recently celebrated its 120th birthday. It was formed out of necessity by unions and sincere reformers, determined to improve the wretched lives of the abused and exploited working men, women and children – victims of greedy, unscrupulous barons of the industrial revolution.

This was not something Britain experienced alone. In the USA, similar organised resistance was emerging against the industrial titans; Rockefeller (Standard Oil) Carnegie (Steel) Vanderbilt (Railways) and JP Morgan (Electricity). 

No meaningful regulation existed, simply because nothing so dynamic as organised Labour on this industrial scale had ever happened before. It was unprecedented and unanticipated, the civilised world was on the cutting edge of social and entrepreneurial upheaval!

In the UK, poor, rural workers flocked to the new industrialised cities in the South, Midlands and the North in search of regular work and a steady wage, unattainable in the seasonal agriculture sector at the time. From exploitation by wicked landlords to industrial servitude – they exchanged one form of serfdom for another.

Throughout the 20th century, up until the 1990s, the Labour Party stayed true to its roots, occasionally – and unsuccessfully – flirting with communist ideology along the way, firstly with Michael Foot’s leadership and later with Millitant Tendency – though Neil Kinnock roundly defeated them in the end. The Blair era witnessed the first divergence from Labour’s core ideology of representation of the working class. Just like Militant Tendency, Liberals from the middle classes, mostly from academia, the arts and media began their infiltration of the party. By 2005 the Labour Party no longer had any sort of attachment to its working class grassroots. Diversity, multiculturalism and a series of policy implementation to benefit the middle classes left the blue-collar workers unrepresented, alone and easily made jobless by low-wage, low-skilled migrants.


By the time Gordon Brown took over as leader and prime minister, there was growing unrest amongst the Labour core vote. The chance meeting between Brown and Gillian Duffy amplified the decenting voices. Who cannot remember Gordon and his handlers swiftly removing Brown to his chauffeur driven car, only to forget to remove his microphone, banging the back of the drivers seat with his fist and calling Mrs Duffy a “bigoted woman” for simply asking him why “foreigners are taking our jobs?” This is what Labour had become since they had taken office just 12 years before.

In 2010, although Gordon Brown and his flourishing, entitled middle class contemptuous chums were ousted from the seat of power, those 13 years in Downing St had not been entirely wasted. Our education system, NHS, BBC, Quangos, Institutions, Judiciary, Police, Charities, NGOs etc had all been stacked with Blair’s Liberal accomplices. The Blair years has been profligate! Illegal wars, The PFI scandal, cash for honours and many other calamitous episodes, though stifled by the now bias BBC, had not gone unnoticed by the public.

Now in opposition, the seach for a replacement descended into chaos. Those militant Marxists of the 1980s had not gone away and the unions – faced with another Liberal Blairite – chose the more socialist Miliband brother. It was a step in the right direction for those Marxist, sleeping MPs such as John Mcdonnell, Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott and Chris Williamson. After a disappointing showing in the 2015 general election, Ed Miliband resigned, creating an opportunity for a complete takeover by the now resurgent far left. 

Thanks to the newly created Momentum movement, in effect, Militant Tendency rebranded, and the unions, Corbyn surged to power. The Islington elite had pulled off an amazing coup. No one had seen it coming, certainly not the Blairite liberal media. The remaining, pre-Blair working class MPs in Labour’s ‘Red Wall’ were now just as marginalised as their working class voters.

To these north London, Fidel Castro adoring elite, the working class were everything that was wrong with Britain. Uneducated, patriotic, racist, homophobic and proud. Common miners, railway  and factory workers who took the capitalist shilling instead of working for the state. Their sort had even defended the hated British empire in the 19th century! The Islington elite hate them more than the Tories. 

Corbyn’s new Momentum powered Marxists began replacing the ‘crass’ working class with a more acceptable, victim-biased multi-minority electorate. Margaret Thatcher had turned most of the tradition Labour blue collar workers into home owners, she had liberated them from union controlled nationalised industries, they no longer worked for the state, fewer and fewer of them were paying union subs. Instead, they were becoming too comfortable, to independent and too capitalist. Taking foreign holidays, buying new SUVs, extending their privately owned homes and embracing the private sector jobs provided by Nissan, Honda, Dyson, Next, Wetherspoons. They were simply no longer socialists.

Under Corbyn, every minority group was courted, LGBT, Muslim Brotherhood, Environmentalists, Vegans, Terrorists, anti-Semites, feckless spongers, useless parents and any other group that manifested hatred or ignorance of British culture, values and pride. Most of these minority groups were also unfavourable towards the traditional working class Brit. The feeling was mutual and in the December General election of 2019 the Labour Red Wall was finally demolished by Boris Johnson and his blue collar, Thatcherite MPs offering independence, pride, free speech, security and controlled immigration.

Blairism was the beggining of the end for the once illustrious Labour movement, Corbynism has unquestionably driven out the core, traditional Labour voter, to the point where, the Islington elite, despite coalescing a sizeable, disparate group of woke victims, cannot possibly garner more than 30% of the vote and will therefore remain in perpetual opposition. 

So, as Labour search for a new leader, is there any hope of a credible opposition party in the near future? 

To become a serious opposition, Labour must elect a credible new leader. The choice is between Sir Kier Starmer, a millionaire Barrister, knight of the realm, Oxbridge graduate, Islington elite, Lisa Nandy, who has never had a real job in her life and left university to go straight into charity work before becoming a parliamentary bag carrier, she has no connection whatsoever with the working class, being the granddaughter of a Liberal peer. Her father was a Marxist who, apart from a brief spell at Cadburys, worked in politics and academia. Which brings us To the final leadership contender, Rebecca Long-Bailey. A true Corbyn supporter, backed by the powerful momentum movement and unions, she’s virtually a shoo-in to succeed Jeremy. After University, she worked for a legal firm and specialised in privatising the NHS. It’s unlikely she would survive any robust interrogation by Boris Johnson at PMQs.  OUR summary: Whichever of the above leadership hopefuls achieves the poison challis of leader of the Labour Party, it is likely to be the third and final phase of its desolution. By 2024 – the next General election – the once great Labour movement will almost certainly have ruptured into several fragments. The most centrist splinter will be the best placed to become her Majesty’s official opposition. It may not even be called The Labour Party!


  1. Brilliant, a good concise view of the Labour Party and leadership hopefuls I just thought they were a set of tossers.

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  2. An informative read. Unfortunately spelling and grammar seem to be fading skills, not that I am an expert myself. I enjoyed the read, and have printed the article off.


  3. Good column Gillian Duffy will go down in history for finishing off Gordon Brown. She only popped out for a loaf of bread haha.
    Could not have stated progressive down fall of labour party myself.
    And unbeleivabley they still think they are in with a shout at government.
    So dissilusioned.


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