Why The Media Stopped Reporting On The War Between Downing Street And The Civil Service.

Just seven days ago (on Saturday 29th February), Sir Philip Rutnam assembled the Press and Media to announce his resignation from – and intention to – sue the Home Office for ‘constructive dismissal!’ 

The twittersphere exploded with support, not for the arrogant, ‘alleged’ victim, but overwhelmingly in favour of Home Secretary Priti Patel. 

For the first three days, the Media ramped-up the story, in cahoots with the Labour Party front bench, LibDems and other talking heads, taking every opportunity available to unseat Priti Patel and claim their scalp.

All was going well for the BBC, SKYNEWS and Channel 4, supported by an unlimited supply of exaggerated ‘hit-job’ pieces by The Guardian, Daily Mirror and the malevolent, anti-British blogosphere. Shadow Chancellor John Mcdonnell even called for the Home Secretary to stand down, pending an inquiry into her conduct across her time heading several ministries. 

Further ‘alleged’ experiences of bullying of minor civil servants by Priti Patel were breathlessly announced by media presenters at the BBC and Skynews, including a case where the victim attempted suicide, only to learn their sloppy scrutiny failed to reveal Priti Patel had never met the individual concerned who apparently had a history of depression spanning months, Ms Patel had only taken over that department two weeks before. 

Boris Draining the swamp – By Bob.

By Wednesday 4th March, the wheels were coming off the campaign to oust the Home Secretary. Priti Patel sat at the prime minister’s side in the chamber during PMQs as Boris Johnson defended her to the hilt. From recent experience, this would not necessarily be enough to kill the story, our mainstream media are not given to backing down when they scent blood. The taxpayer funded BBC were salivating in anticipation of victory. They were to be thwarted within 24hrs. 

A letter appeared in the media with 100 signitaries, supporting the Home Secretary, it gained some traction, but was largely dismissed by the BBC and Skynews. 

However, by Wednesday evening, a mortal blow was delivered causing the BBC and other news outlets to drop the story. 

The Home Secretary’s camp decided to go on the attack to kill the story. They had enough ammunition on Sir Philip Rutnam to shake these media briefing Home Office mandarins to the core. 

It began in 2018, when Sajid Javid – The newly appointed Home Secretary, by Prime Minister Theresa May, ordered an investigation into Pakistani Grooming Gangs. Javid was the first Muslim MP to hold one of the great offices of state. He, like most people, knew this minority element of the British/Pakistani community were causing the majority of innocent, law abiding members of that community to suffer adverse publicity in the eyes of the public. He wanted to expose, act and bring an end to this open sore and move on. It was a genuine attempt to heal the divide, convict and where necessary, deport the convicted protagonists and bring closure for the abused, predominantly white British girls, many under age and ignored by local authorities and police services throughout the UK. 

Javid’s request landed on the desk of Sir Philip Rutnam, permanent secretary to the Home Office. He had been in the job for exactly one year. For the lethargic civil servants at the Home Office, this was their worst nightmare. It would require them to investigate their own. The police, social workers, civic and local authority mandarins, Labour controlled authorities, Blair and Brown’s cabinet officials, the very people who facilitated their placement and gave them their first rung on the ladder to well paid, bureaucratic mediocrity. 

Luckily for them, the Home Office blob was a law unto itself. The place where reform, change and awkward inquiries went to die, or at least to be whitewashed. 

The investigation, though conducted with the apathy of a teenager asked to clean their bedroom, churned up an astonishing amount of misconduct and obfuscation. Thousands of personnel from social services to police commissioners right up Blair and Brown themselves were irrefutably implicated in the grooming scandal. This report must never see the light of day… Ever! 

No one at the Home Office envisaged the sudden appointment of a driven, young politician of Indian decent from Witham to Home Secretary. Almost immediately she began enquiring about the progress of the grooming gang investigation. After six months of evasion and dissimulation – the civil servants were not even allowing their minister of state to see a draft! – Prit Patel pulled Rutnam to one side and gave him a well deserved bollocking. You all know what happened next. 

On Thursday 5th of March, this story broke – the vocal BBC and Skynews, along with their Labour coconspirators abruptly dropped their demands for the Home Secretary to stand down. It became the story no one in the legacy media wanted to touch. Not least because, buried in this Home Office investigation was the fact that certain sections of the leftwing media were complicit in this monumental cover-up to protect the Labour Party.

This story has not died, at least, not in the eyes of Priti Patel’s new found fans. #IStandWithPriti was one of the highest trending hashtags across social media, it didn’t go un-noticed by No.10 and the cabinet, which, goes someway to explain why the Home Secretary wasn’t thrown under a bus at PMQs on Wednesday. A gentleman by the name of Mr Wong has raised a petition, demanding the government releases the grooming gang report, at the time of writing it has received over 60,000 signatures. 

So what happens next? Well, the broadcast media have rediscovered the Corona virus and Boris Johnson’s impending fatherhood. Their scramble to dissociate themselves from this story would suggest they engaged a crisis management company headed by Harry Potter and Paul Daniels, such was the impressive dissappearence of this non-drama. 

Will the grooming gang report see the light of day?? Unlikely, there is too much to lose on all sides. The government can’t afford a scandal. But we can expect to see the whitewashed version at some point, probably sneaked out during the point when the new Labour leader is announced. The media will happily bury it at the first opportunity. 


  1. Get the Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs prosecuted, together with all of those responsible for the cover up. The offenders should & will be deported once they have served their sentence.

    I have spoken to many of the victims and they are currently in consultation with a lawyer. She is communicating with the ECHR as Britain is under the law of the EU until it’s exit date.


  2. This report, however bad or incriminating must be made public. No whitewashed version, just give the people what they demand. Remember, they put you in office, they pay your wages.


  3. He Should go without a bean.

    The petition to release the report now has well over 100k signatures so it “should” be debated in parliament. I have signed it and urge you all to do so. Otherwise the Brainwash the British on Coronavirus Corp will bury it where the sun (or even The Sun) don’t shine.

    Definitely one against the Blob.


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