Don’t Worry About ‘Herd Immunity,’ It’s Time To Worry About ‘Herd Mentality! 

Don’t Worry About ‘Herd Immunity,’ It’s Time To Worry About ‘Herd Mentality!’

Are you in the slightest bit worried about the speed and thoroughness of this Coronavirus Hoax? Do you question how, in just 4 weeks, we have witnessed the whole world committing economic suicide? Well, if you haven’t, you really should!

COVID19 is real. It’s a mutation of the common cold and influenza. It’s dangerous and even lethal for old people and those who suffer respiratory and other low-immunity conditions.

It’s also as contagious, but no more so than a common cold and flu!

So far – since this strain has been identified – around 4 months – it has been linked to over 12,000 deaths, albeit most, around 90% of those actually suffered other, underlying causes. These victims were overwhelmingly over 70 years old, the same types who normally succumb to influenza and pneumonia.

In fact, during the past 4 months, around 3 million people have died from HIV, flu and Malaria. More have died from; Cancer, heart attacks, road traffic accidents and other common diseases! Alot more! Globally, around 150,000 people die each day – approximately two thirds of these are age related and over 70 years old!

Globally, around 1 billion people contract normal influenza, resulting in around 350, 000,000 deaths. (350 million). Just to reiterate, in the past 4 months, 12,000 people have died from coronavirus and most of those had more serious problems. Multiply 12,000 by 3 and we can anticipate approximately 36,000 deaths from COVID19. It may be more, it could be 10 times more, but, as you can see, 10 times less than influenza!

Back in 2009, a new type of flu — an H1N1 strain — popped up and people panicked because we didn’t have a vaccine and the novel strain was spreading fast.

Like COVID-19, there was no immunity at the start of the outbreak. We did have antivirals to facilitate recovery, and by the end of 2009, we had a vaccine which — combined with higher levels of immunity — would provide protection in future flu seasons.

Still, it claimed over 280,000 lives worldwide.

But do you remember it?? Did the world go on lockdown?? Did the media cover the pandemic 24/7? Did our entire global economy shutdown??

A few weeks ago, during a much publicised press conference, the chief medical officer and chief scientific advisor to the government, suggested we adopt the ‘herd immunity’ theory. Simply put, don’t overreact. Let COVID19 wash through the population – just as we did with all previous pandemics. It worked then, why shouldn’t it work this time?

The Media we apoplectic!! So were the public. In effect, the herd mentality were demanding we do not allow the human race to naturally overcome COVID19, just as we have overcome previous threats throughout history.

Do you remember other herd mentality practitioners? Yes you do, and they’ve been wrong everytime.

They are the same people who hated the idea of democracy, the anti-Trump and anti-Brexit deciples. The very same section of society that light candles and put twibbons and nation flag covers on their social media pages when a terrorist atrocity has claimed lives. They tell us not to hate the murderers, rapists and bombers of innocent human beings, but to forgive, forget or ignore. They insist we hug our enemies!

Yes, these are the very same people who are now insisting we accept global government restrictions on movement, freedom of speech, the right to question why our lives are being shutdown one atrocity at a time.

This current pandemic is a part of the global extinction rebellion crusade. Powerful people are desperate to shut our schools, destroy capitalism, the very way in which we go about our daily lives. The weak, the foolish, the mindless, the cretinous among us are taking control of the asylum! They use the same tactics everytime. Make the free thinking, independently minded majority feel guilty, call them insensitive, racists, bullies, fascists! Draw our attention to the vulnerable and elderly, the very same people they were hoping would die because this same mature demographic voted for Trump and Brexit just 4 years ago!

IF you feel the ‘herd mentality syndrome’ taking over, if you find yourself speaking on behalf of these people, agreeing with them and even acting like them, give your head a wobble and get a grip, otherwise, you will let them win and your lives will never be the same again!!

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  1. Your stats do not add up. 150,000 per day is 54.75million per year and yet you claim 350million die due to influenza. Clearly not per year as implied? What does the 350million flu deaths refer to?


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