You’ve All Brought This On Yourselves! Admit it! Coronavirus Is A Broadcast And Social Media Panacea!

“The willingness to believe increases the more absurd the story” so the saying goes. It is as true today as it was 2000 years ago.

You, yes you!! The people who are telling everyone to self-isolate, stay home, even if it takes months or even years… You are barking mad victims of your own insecurities and ignorance. You should be ashamed!!

It’s impossible to say how or when you became afflicted! I suspect the 24/7 rolling news networks infected you in search of ratings and advertising revenue. In turn, you began demanding government lockdowns, testings, clapping for health workers and pathetic hashtags to stay at home, except for when you, personally need to go out!

You do realise that 10x more people die of ordinary flu than COVID19, you do realise that the death rate during this period of lockdown is predicted to be sensationally lower than any recorded in recent history… You do realise that you are behaving like perfect idiots don’t you!

Just a few months ago, you were all slowly climbing aboard the “climate crisis” bandwagon unwittingly ignorant to the fact it would cost trillions of taxpayers dollars for nothing and bring an end to ‘capitalism!’ Now you’ve willingly jumped onto the Coronavirus bandwagon! Those of you who don’t seem to be able to think much for yourselves have a new hashtag #stayathome instead of #ClimateEmergency – what suckers you have become!

In a few months, your national economies will collapse, your’s and future generations will be paying for your stupid shallowness for decades, and all because you chose to believe the fakenews media. You voluntarily aided and abetted them. You used your social media accounts to demand the destruction of your own jobs, your own economy and your own freedoms.

The statistics do not support your fake concerns, the regulations and restrictions you are demanding do not relate to the events occurring!

Sadly, you have been successful. There is no turning back your stupidity. The damage has already begun. You have participated in your own demise. Life will be poorer for you and you deserve that.

The worldwide madness you have enthusiastically embraced has worked better than its creators could have imagined – beyond their wildest dreams.

Now, you are completely programmed to react to the next panacea and the next and the next, whenever they tell you to.

You have allowed yourselves to be farmed, harvested and mugged. You deserve whatever comes next.


  1. Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. You have no idea what is going on here so why don’t you worry about your side of the ocean and we will worry about ours. We will isolate until the President tells us otherwise. We don’t give a fig for our fake news media. If Trump say you can go back to normal tomorrow and the media threw a fit over that we would still go back as he says. We would know what needed to be done is done. We will survive and we will come back stronger than ever.


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