The UK Must Never Again Give Away Our Recently Won Independence From The EU To China Or Any other Country!

It’s taken a Worldwide pandemic to expose Britain’s past, abysmal 50 year industrial strategy.

From the moment the United Kingdom joined the common market in 1972, successive administrations, on both sides of the political divide, gave away our industrial might and much of our innovation and skills capacity to foreign powers. What was left was traded away for next to nothing or stolen through industrial espionage, right under the very noses of our “so-called” civil service experts and elected parliamentarians.

Great Britain was outsourced to the highest bidder or cheapest provider, with little or no analysis and scrutiny on the repercussions to national security, jobs and susceptibility. Administration after administration has perpetuated a catastrophic decline in our national integrity.

Put simply, one of the greatest nations on earth has allowed itself to be conned, mugged and pillaged by the EU, USA and most of South East Asia. Foreign companies, corporations and trading blocs have reduced the UK, – the architect of the industrial revolution – to a corner shop – a place where our workforce and government depend on foreign rescue packages for our once world beating steel, car manufacturing, rail and shipbuilding industries. This must never happen again.

Our world famous brands such as; Rolls Royce, Land Rover, Hawker Siddeley and ICI, to name just a tiny few, were allowed to fail through unfair foreign competition, illegal practices and EEC/EU foul play, resulting in dishonest take-overs and asset stripping.

Somehow, our oldest and most agile industry of all survived. Financial institutions in the city of London, dating back to the 17th century and cherished by society’s rich and powerful has prospered. The privileged elite have never sold out. It’s too lucrative, too desirable and should they mess up, too important to fail, as the taxpayer found out in 2008.

Globalisation is the terminology we must all be distrustful of. It sounds quite innocuous, even acceptable. But globalisation is the biggest danger for a country like the UK. It’s a new epithet for Empire. Globalists come in many forms; individuals, corporations, nations, they all share the same aspiration. To dominate a particular sector, demographic or geographical expanse. The EU is globalist, the US is globalist, China, Russia are globalist, they desire influence and control of things beyond their own area of jurisdiction. Amazon, Facebook, Google etc. are globalist, just like General Motors, Daimler AG (Mercedes Benz) and many other corporations that dominate sectors like Social media and the automotive or ecommerce world. They are constantly looking to expand, crush competition and monopolise. The cost to us, the individual, is choice, privacy and personal freedom.

Great Britain was once the greatest global power – yes – globalist in outlook, an Empire! Whatever your opinion of empires might be – positive or negative – it is human nature to expand, improve and become more wealthy. We quite like power, dominance and control, but only when we are the rulers, not so much when we are the vassal state.

This Covid 19 pandemic has exposed our vulnerabilities, from medical equipment to food, transportation and everything in between. It has provided us an opportunity to press the reset button on outsourcing our independence and national security.

Prior to this pandemic, we were busy handing over control of our nuclear energy, manufacturing, transport, communications, big pharma and military equipment procurement to foreign powers, often because we were ordered to by unelected officials in Brussels. Global corporations on the continent stood to gain more power and profits at the expense of jobs and economic security for the very taxpayers who fund it.

During the 2016 EU referendum campaign, we were told by the remain camp that Britain would suffer terrible shortages of goods ranging from; chocolate to toilet paper, medicines to auto components and virtually everything else. Project fear – as it was labelled by leavers – was dismissed as nothing more than a scaremongering tactic to frighten the public into voting to remain in the EU. Everyone appears to have missed the true sentiment, we should have given more attention to the obvious, underlying message that the UK had left herself vulnerable. Over 40 years our self-sufficiency in vital goods production and essential services was frittered away!

This unconstitutional anomaly must stop now! We must develop an industrial strategy that is fair and balanced towards our own national interests, security and standards. We must invest in Britain, British people and British jobs. If we don’t currently manufacture crucial commodities, then we must provide investment to British entrepreneurs, manufacturers and inventors to do so immediately.

Our new, hard fought for independence from Brussels and Strasbourg is precious and timely, we must capitalise on it, mobilise our nation to become self sufficient, self confident and reinvent the ‘Great Britain’ that was once respected, envied and emulated around the world.

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