The NHS Will Emerge From This Pandemic More Bloated, More Wasteful, Less Efficient and Virtually Irreformable!

From the beginning of this century the NHS became weaponised by the Labour Party! Slowly at first, but up until the 2010 general election, socialists in all corners of our political world, from the unions, the mainstream media, to quangos began turning our permanently ailing state healthcare system into a political football, a cult with an altar that could do no wrong at any level. It was a perfect, monolithic institution to embed Blair’s cultural Marxist cronies for over 10 years. Tens of thousands of politically correct, diversity practitioners were given newly created management positions bought and paid for by the payday loan scheme that never ends, or as we know it, the private finance initiative (PFI)!

It was pure outsourced privatisation. Bring a bunch of wealthy people and companies together to fund and profit from a partnership that kept the debt off the treasury balance sheets. It was a naive, classic and colossal mistake because socialists do not understand economics and the predatory nature of capitalism. Blair wanted to see shiny new hospitals in time for his re-elections!

He could have chosen a more sensible and certainly less costly way of funding the NHS. The introduction of a private insurance top-up scheme – along the lines of some other countries like Germany – would have been a far more efficient way to finance his health care expansion program. It is the Germany model that is being so lauded by the left at the moment and used to hammer home the narrative of how useless Boris Johnson’s Government has been during the present coronavirus crisis.

All the damage to the NHS occurred during Blair and Brown’s first decade of this century. When the Conservative Party came into government in 2010, Blair’s perfect storm was ready to wreak its havoc. His cronies were infesting the NHS in every area of management, in profligate and incompetent Trusts around the country. The PFI repayments began to kick-in straining the healthcare budget at the seams as Gordon Brown’s financial crisis bit.

Although the Labour Party never created the National Health Service – they were simply in power when prior Conservative policy was enacted in 1948 – the socialists do like to refer to it as “Our NHS.” This is when the real weaponising of the NHS occurred.

At the end of the 19th century, the newly formed trades unions gave birth to the Labour Party, this enabled them to incestuously spawn an offspring that was both unionised and nationalised by virtue of its DNA – a true socialist’s wet-dream! It only required a little mutation from Labour to turn it into a cult, by manipulating the public into thinking it was free to all. Today the NHS employs almost 2 million people directly and around 3 million associated/contacted workers, it’s the 5th largest employer in the world! No other country, not even Germany, comes close.

Each and every general election has featured the NHS front and centre. The three major parties falling over themselves to outbid each other as to how much money to throw into the monstrous pit of healthcare without any mention of reform, improved outcomes or accountability to the British taxpayers who foot the bill! In effect, every major political party can use the NHS budget like a political donation, simply outbid your opponents – using the promise of other people’s money – and you are guaranteed 5 more years in power!

During this Covid-19 outbreak, the entire political class, along with the left-leaning media elite have elevated the NHS to previously unimaginable heights of sycophancy. We now stand outside our homes at 8pm every Thursday evening and applaud/elevate and shower our healthcare service with adulation and god-like status. It’s emotional and genuinely participated in by the British public, led by those who are looking to the polls for a political edge. To the NHS workers risking their own, and in some cases, the lives of their families, it is welcome and uplifting. But to those who initiated and promoted it, it’s vote winning and free at the point of participation. The public, who embrace it, are at some point, going to foot the bill, through higher taxes, reduced budgets for education, potholes and defence. No other country in the world is participating in this mass, cult behaviour because no other country in the world weaponises their healthcare system like the political class in the UK!

So, eventually, this wretched virus will be gone, cast into the annals of history just like every other pandemic. We’ll return to normal life and find other news and current events to get emotional about. The inevitable inquiries and media scrutiny will occur, lessons will be learned, promises made and nothing will be decided or changed. General elections will come and go, the cost of healthcare will rise as the highest bidder wins power. The 7 Nightingale Hospitals, built at immense cost and virtually unused, along with a huge chunk of the 750,000 volunteers, will have to be absorbed into the NHS budget, because, should the government try to wind them down, the Labour Party – encouraged by their media elite chums – will cry “Tory Cuts or austerity!”  But no one will dare to criticise how the 40,000 NHS managers and 45,000 procurement personnel on 6 figure salaries spend our tax money because we, the British public have been fully and willingly indoctrinated into the cult of “Our NHS!”

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