Owen Jones’ Outrage Over Gove’s Choice Of Literature Exposes The Lefts lack of intellectual curiosity.

Since lockdown, there has been an entertaining, trending topic across social media, as politicians, journalists and commentators appear on TV programmes and mainstream media shows – often with bookshelves in the background – displaying their choice of literature for the world to see.

When Michael Gove’s wife (Sarah Vine) tweeted a picture of one of their many bookshelves, it was instantly examined by far-left pundit Owen Jones. He couldn’t resist taking to twitter, highlighting several books that he took offence to.

In particular, a book by controversial Holocaust denier David Irving drew Owen’s ire! He was shocked to find that a political adversary – a serving government minister – might read alternative views by free thinking historical revisionists. Coming from Owen, who has expressed support of communism, the IRA and many despotic regimes including Castro’s Cuba and Maduro’s Venezuela, you could not possibly miss the irony of his tweet! If you trawl his articles in the Guardian, (best done with caution) you will find an almost existential amount of Corbyn cultism in his prose. Jones’ defence of Labour Party antisemitism has entertained the Twittersphere for several years, even when under investigation by the equalities watchdog (EHRC).

There has been a considerable amount of defence of Michael Gove’s choice of literature, much of it common sense, but the most compelling argument has to be the fact that the hard-left are now, seemingly without any form of intellectual curiosity. This is often highlighted by the distressing increase in academic seats of learning banning certain speakers for their controversial views, diversity of opinion was once a magnificent characteristic of our great universities and schools. Depressingly, they are now rapidly becoming echo chambers for an ever increasing number of illiberal youth.

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