Keep The Lockdown Fanatics Exhibit The Same DNA As Extinction Rebellion And EU Remainiacs!

After considerable research conducted during the past 8 weeks, we’ve identified three characteristics that unquestionably link Extinction Rebellion and EU remainers with devotees of #KeepTheLockdown!

The first is lack of self confidence, the second is the need to be told what to do, the third is scarcity of reason and knowledge.

Inevitably, those lacking in confidence will always look to others for guidance and management. They’re deficient in any form of original thought and objection. This explains why they adhere to EU diktats and Swedish truants, no matter how absurd and damaging they may be. Instructions to socially distance and self isolate are gratefully received and obeyed for absence of imagination and reasoning! A refusal to read or accept intellectual analysis from those offering alternative views leaves these individuals with a significant deficit of discretion resulting in an inability to reach a decision through balanced judgment and wisdom.

We shall refer to these types as ‘deferrers.’

Deferrers rarely seek positions of power, they prefer to identify themselves as ‘victims’ of others who they defer decision-making to. They hide behind those who they negate their responsibility to.

Deferrers don’t change their minds, preferring to be led or sleepwalk into disaster rather than change tack, because that would require them making a decision for themselves.

Your classic deferrer is happy to remain in a collapsing European Union and accept they were a victim of the consequences instead of a sponsor, equally, they will continue their compliance with lockdown until their jobs and homes are lost and they can claim victimhood. Through refusal to acknowledge both sides of the debate, deferrers have no capacity to reassess their decision.

Socialism is the perfect fit for deferrers. They love the idea of minorities and oppression. Social justice is their protective noun. It covers all types of failure and indecisive behaviour. No blame, no inquisition, just identify as a victim of someone else’s success or judgement and you’re a casualty and martyr to the cause.

The impending collapse of the EU and inevitable inquiry into the absurdity of worldwide lockdown will eventually prove the deferrers wrong on both counts. Brexiteers and supporters of #EndTheLockdown will be proven intellectually right. The deferrers will return their supportive attention to the climate emergency hoax, another folly they unquestionably consume without considering the alternative facts, but, naturally those who got it right will still be labelled deniers, racists and fascists and the deferrers will continue to be depicted by the media as victims!

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