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The people get the government they deserve!


Grant Shapps (duty fall guy) did the usual round of media whipping boy on today’s political round-up. As Conservative Party Chairman he delighted in explaining the defection of UKIP MEP Amjad Bashir.

Tories are awful at defections

Tories are awful at defections

Shapps told Murnaghan (SkyNews) and Andrew Neil (BBC Sunday Politics) that Farage’s UKIP had manufactured certain anomalies with Bashir’s past, in an attempt to trash his reputation, after discovering he was about to defect to the Tories.

Shapps was asked if he had done due diligence prior to welcoming Bashir aboard? He insisted he and his party had! But now it looks like they were more interested in a defection story going their way, and not at all diligent!

Over at Breitbart they have more to say.

That awful Green Party interview by BBC Sunday Politics’ Andrew Neil!

The Greeks have frequently flirted with Communism in recent 20th century history. They are perceived as a bureaucratic and corrupt nation.

The Greeks simply expect the other person to pay for their socialist lifestyle. Even Greek millionaires were tax-exempt prior to the financial crisis. Bread makers and Taxi Drivers are considered “Artisans” – and can retire on a generous pension before they reach their sixties!

Greek Flirtation with Communism

Greek Flirtation with Communism

Joining the Euro zone must have seemed logical, widening their highly subsidised dependencies across 27 wealthier nations. The Germans,  French and English would happily underwrite their profligacy.

So when the world’s economy imploded, their assumed dream of offloading their deficit became their nightmare. The troika, dominated by Frau Merkel forced a new policy on the Greeks “austerity”!

It hasn’t gone down well. Full of righteousness indignation the far left Syriza Party have roused the bloated public sector blob into a revolution. Tomorrow (Sunday 25th January 2015) will produce a Greek government headed by yet another “something for nothing” regime. Syriza will demand those Euro Zone nations who have paid the Greeks wage bill for 3 years now renegotiate,  or, as expected,  wipe out the debt.  This is yet another example of Socialism in action!

A Greek exit (Grexit) from the Euro Zone is anticipated over the next few months. What lies in store for the Greek people is uncertain. It won’t be pleasant or easy, but we can be certain Spain, Italy and Portugal will be watching with interest.

We shall update this story with exit polls and the eventual result as it happens.






When Ed Miliband protested in Sheffield that one million voters had disappeared from the electoral roll due to a switch from household registration to individual registration,  he was undoubtedly referring to students and young voters who would naturally vote Labour. One million voters equates to a large UK city, or 11 constituency MPs! Those numbers could swing a general election result. Little wonder the Labour Party are interested. So just imagine if six million voters disappeared! Well, they have! Yes, the equivalent of 70 constituency MPs have simply vanished…HOW? Expats (UK voters living and working abroad) are entitled to vote in general elections. But hardly any of them do. It takes effort and paperwork and like Labour’s lethargic students,  they either can’t be bothered or simply don’t engage. Although there are 6 million of them, around half of all UK expats tend to stay abroad for over 15 years, after which the 15 year rule kicks-in. You cannot vote in a UK general election after 15 years. Many attempts have been made by expat political activists to have the 15 year rule repealed, the current Conservative/LibDem coalition are at best ambivalent to it. That still leaves the equivalent of 3 major cities,  or over 30 MPs up for grabs! expats_2243327c The fringe parties like UKIP could capitalise on these 3 million disappeared, especially as many expats escaped the UK citing disillusionment with the state of the economy, immigration, or any number of reasons that could be addressed by a savvy political operator. Keep-Calm-and-Vote-Full-sizeThe first political party that pledges to overturn the 15 year rule, thus courting our expats by offering them a re-connection to the motherland, could, one day, galvanise the diaspora into the most powerful voting block in British Political history.