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He’s back spending English Taxpayer’s money. Gordon Brown, known for his generosity with other people’s cash, pledged to give higher benefit payments to Scotland’s voters if they abandon the SNP and vote Scottish Labour.

No explanation as to Brown’s previous form on this kind of profligacy is required Gordon Brown buys Scottish votes for Labourunless you just happen to have been in a coma for the last 15 years.

At a meeting today in Scotland, Jim Murphy (leader of Scottish Labour) and Gordon Brown exposed their panic driven policies in a desperate attempt to turn Scotland’s voters away from a rampant surge in support of Nichola Sturgeon’s Scottish National Party.

In anticipation of a virtual wipe-out north of the border, potentially losing 40+ MPs in the 2015 General Election,  it seems the imploding Labour party will stop at nothing, even squandering English Taxpayer’s hard-earned money to buy themselves a victory.

This weekend must rank as one of the worst for the Labour Party in the past 5 years.

The broadcasters have seized on press headlines attacking Ed Milibands leadership qualities (or lack of them) and further compounded his woes by quoting many of his detractors in his own party.

Claims that 50% Labour MPs have given up on the forthcoming General Election and instead are readying themselves for a bloody leadership battle after 7th May are credible.

All eyes are looking left, but at The Westminster Wing we see even larger problems looming for the Tories in the run-up to May’s elections.

Sajid Javid BBC Sunday Politics

Sajid Javid BBC Sunday Politics

On the BBCs Sunday Politics Show today, Secretary of State Sajid Javid gave a creditable performance despite Andrew Neil’s ‘Blue Nun’ fuelled aggressive questioning. Political editor of The Sun: Tom Newton Dunn tweeted..

Our own Sir Trev Skint went further:

But, there are only a handful of humble, Tory MPs possessed of the common touch. The vast majority are elitist,  narcissistic and conceited.

Ed Miliband’s bungling of Labour’s election campaign so far, aided by the Tory press, has given these presumptuous types a false sense of populism. It’s palpable, the British voting public will detect it very soon.

Ed Miliband could be in Downing Street through complacency

Ed Miliband could be in Downing Street through complacency

Yes David Cameron can point to improvements in the economy but, people are not feeling the benefits of these policies,  they take time to filter through.

Have the Tories peaked too soon thanks to Miliband’s ham-fisted,  self inflicted, atrocious start to his campaign? Could the voters turn in favour of the Labour underdogs if a large gap appears in the Tories popularity polling?

David Cameron needs to emulate Sajid Javid’s humble performances to reign-in his party’s over-confidence or there could be a dramitic turn in the polls, leading to Justine Thornton measuring up the curtains in Downing Street.

On the 70th anniversary of the  liberation of Auschwitz by Russian forces, has Ed Balls ever apologised for this infamous Internet photograph?













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Over at Iain Dale’s Blog there is a certain amount of sympathy for Labour Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna.

As Iain Dale points out:

I don’t blame him. There was nothing wrong in Murnaghan asking him about the Pickles letter, but to press it in the way he did (and with a bit of a smirk on his face) was rude, smart-arsish and counter productive.

If a guest walks out of an interview, as a interviewer, it’s you who looks bad, not the guest. If that happened to me, I would think I had failed in my job.

Whilst we don’t disagree that Murnaghan was at fault, Umunna could have acted more professionally. He lost his cool and that’s unforgivable from today’s highly media trained politicians.

In effect, both men were out of order, the public is unimpressed by this type of TV experience. Little wonder the viewing figures are down year after year across the UK mainstream media, and no surprise that politicians are seen in such low regard by the majority of voters.

Election 2015 Weaponising the NHS

David Cameron has accused Ed Miliband of a “disgusting” attempt to “weaponise” the NHS as accident and emergency wards face unprecedented pressure.

Mr Cameron said that Mr Miliband was using the NHS as a “political football” while offering “no solutions” to the pressure facing the health service.

In heated exchanges, Mr Cameron referred to an alleged conversation Mr Miliband had with Nick Robinson, the BBC’s political editor, in which he allegedly said he wanted to “weaponise” the NHS ahead of the General Election.

Mr Cameron described it as the “most disgusting phrase I have ever heard in politics”.

He said: “Our changes have cut bureaucracy and saved £4.9 billion. You can see this as plain as you like. The leader of the opposition apparently said to the political editor of the BBC ‘I want to weaponise the NHS’. I think that is disgraceful.

“The NHS is not a weapon, it is a way we care for our families, it’s a way we care for the elderly, it’s a way we look after the frail. So perhaps when he gets to his feet he will deny that he said he wants to weaponise the NHS, a disgusting thing to say.”

Mr Miliband did not comment on whether he said he wants to “weaponise” the NHS, but said: “I’ll tell him what’s disgusting. It’s a Prime Minister who said that people could put their trust in him on the NHS, and he has betrayed that trust. He is in denial about the crisis on the NHS.

“This is a crisis on his watch. That’s why people know if they want to get rid of the crisis in the NHS they have to get rid of this Prime Minister.”

Asked whether he accepted the NHS was in crisis, Mr Cameron responded: “Our NHS is facing huge pressure this winter particularly on its A&E units.

“But the NHS is facing this winter with more doctors, more nurses and more money than it has ever had in its history. What is important is that we recognise the pressures that are there and put in place plans for the short, medium and long term.

“But recognise that with the massive increase in the number of people going to A&E any health system in the world would struggle to cope with this pressure. While we are interested in improving the NHS, he simply wants to use it as a political football.”

Mr Miliband replied: “The pressures on A&E are not just happening on his watch but are a direct result of the decisions he has taken. When he decided to close almost a quarter of walk in centres wasn’t it blindingly obvious that it would have a big impact on A&E?

“There’s one simple solution, get rid of this useless prime minister. No answer on care for the elderly. When he decided to ignore the pleas of doctors, nurses and patients and plough ahead with his damaging top-down reorganisation, wasn’t it blindingly obvious that if you divert £3 billion out of patient care it would have a big impact on A&E.”