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Grant Shapps (duty fall guy) did the usual round of media whipping boy on today’s political round-up. As Conservative Party Chairman he delighted in explaining the defection of UKIP MEP Amjad Bashir.

Tories are awful at defections

Tories are awful at defections

Shapps told Murnaghan (SkyNews) and Andrew Neil (BBC Sunday Politics) that Farage’s UKIP had manufactured certain anomalies with Bashir’s past, in an attempt to trash his reputation, after discovering he was about to defect to the Tories.

Shapps was asked if he had done due diligence prior to welcoming Bashir aboard? He insisted he and his party had! But now it looks like they were more interested in a defection story going their way, and not at all diligent!

Over at Breitbart they have more to say.

When Gordon Brown labelled Mrs Duffy  ‘a bigoted woman’ for asking him why his Labour government was allowing foreigners to take British jobs (don’t forget he once claimed ‘British Jobs for British Workers’)  he instantly created around 30 million bigots!  Why wouldn’t our entire working population be concerned about their job being given to an immigrant happy to work for less. Equally,  why wouldn’t the average employer take advantage of cheap immigrant labour if it was available?

The left always label anyone concerned about a threat to our lives or national security as ‘bigots’. It’s their way a shutting down a debate they find uncomfortable!

So when Mathew Richardson said: “I’ve said before, people talk about Ukip being bigots. There are hundreds of thousands of bigots in the United Kingdom and they deserve representation.” He was simply referring to the entire UKIP database.

UKIP supporters manifest themselves in all corners of the political divide. They used to be referred to, benignly, as ‘the silent majority’.

We are all bigots aren't we?

We are all bigots aren’t we?

The man in the pub, the lady in the butchers,  the bigot in the armchair shouting at the TV ‘Alf Garnet style’ – we are all bigots – simply because a bigot is someone who we think is in possession of views someone else   thinks are unfair.

This weekend the press and broadcast media, largely controlled by bigots, have been displaying mass hysteria towards UKIP and Mathew Richardson. However the British public are thinking something completely different, they are seeing a man who understands their bigoted views and relates to them.


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Election 2015 Weaponising the NHS

David Cameron has accused Ed Miliband of a “disgusting” attempt to “weaponise” the NHS as accident and emergency wards face unprecedented pressure.

Mr Cameron said that Mr Miliband was using the NHS as a “political football” while offering “no solutions” to the pressure facing the health service.

In heated exchanges, Mr Cameron referred to an alleged conversation Mr Miliband had with Nick Robinson, the BBC’s political editor, in which he allegedly said he wanted to “weaponise” the NHS ahead of the General Election.

Mr Cameron described it as the “most disgusting phrase I have ever heard in politics”.

He said: “Our changes have cut bureaucracy and saved £4.9 billion. You can see this as plain as you like. The leader of the opposition apparently said to the political editor of the BBC ‘I want to weaponise the NHS’. I think that is disgraceful.

“The NHS is not a weapon, it is a way we care for our families, it’s a way we care for the elderly, it’s a way we look after the frail. So perhaps when he gets to his feet he will deny that he said he wants to weaponise the NHS, a disgusting thing to say.”

Mr Miliband did not comment on whether he said he wants to “weaponise” the NHS, but said: “I’ll tell him what’s disgusting. It’s a Prime Minister who said that people could put their trust in him on the NHS, and he has betrayed that trust. He is in denial about the crisis on the NHS.

“This is a crisis on his watch. That’s why people know if they want to get rid of the crisis in the NHS they have to get rid of this Prime Minister.”

Asked whether he accepted the NHS was in crisis, Mr Cameron responded: “Our NHS is facing huge pressure this winter particularly on its A&E units.

“But the NHS is facing this winter with more doctors, more nurses and more money than it has ever had in its history. What is important is that we recognise the pressures that are there and put in place plans for the short, medium and long term.

“But recognise that with the massive increase in the number of people going to A&E any health system in the world would struggle to cope with this pressure. While we are interested in improving the NHS, he simply wants to use it as a political football.”

Mr Miliband replied: “The pressures on A&E are not just happening on his watch but are a direct result of the decisions he has taken. When he decided to close almost a quarter of walk in centres wasn’t it blindingly obvious that it would have a big impact on A&E?

“There’s one simple solution, get rid of this useless prime minister. No answer on care for the elderly. When he decided to ignore the pleas of doctors, nurses and patients and plough ahead with his damaging top-down reorganisation, wasn’t it blindingly obvious that if you divert £3 billion out of patient care it would have a big impact on A&E.”