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Something rotten is happening in our democratic society.

It’s called the #PeoplesVote – and it’s gathering momentum. Establishment elites, wealthy celebs, vested interest groups, aggressive corporations and most of the broadcast media are onboard.

Exploitation of labour

Their aim is to halt democracy, to stop Brexit, to deny the people of Britain the right to self government. It needs to be stopped. They have made a few mistakes already by recruiting some of the most toxic household names to their cause. There is no need to explain what makes these deniers of democracy some of the most hated figures in society, their names are notorious with greed, hate and anti-Britishness and here is a short list of a tiny few of them:

Alastair Campbell

Gary Linaker

Tony Blair

Gina Miller

Peter Mandelson

George Soros

George Osborne

Anna Soubry

Andrew Adonis

Chuka Umunna

The list goes on and you can view it here

Many of those on the list are dependent on the EU for their pensions, funding or their careers. In short, they are solely thinking of themselves and to hell with the country and it’s people.

But an opportunity has arisen to put a huge dent in their conceited campaign against the British public.

The multi-millionaire co-founder of Superdry, an expensive high street brand of clothing Julian Dunkerton has donated £1m to campaign for a second vote on Brexit, and believes there’s a “genuine chance to turn this around”

The money is to fund polls that will manufacture false trends that can be used to coerce the public into believing Brexit is unpopular. This is not only wrong, but a very worrying trend. Money is pouring into the #PeoplesVote campaign from the rich and corrupt around the world, their sole purpose is to destroy the democratic vote to leave the EU that the majority (17.4 million people) voted for.

But this one million pound donation from Dunkerton is very controversial. Since 2011, charities and human rights organisations such as War on want and Labour Behind the Label have been petitioning Superdry and other high street brands to examine and change the practices in their supply chains. In the case of Superdry, they have been accused as exploiting the labour force that supplies and manufactures their clothing products.

Some workers, many of them refugees in Turkey or India are paid as little as 28p per hour and forced to work for 16 hours a day – even children are exploited. Celebrities such as; David Beckham, Idris Elba and Pixie Lott are proud to wear and promote Superdry products, perhaps if we can make them aware of the suffering of these oppressed workers, they too will abandon or boycott Superdry.

There are many references to this on the web if you Google “Superdry Exploitation of workers

The #PeoplesVote have no scruples – that’s clear from their list of supporters – and they will happily use the donation to subvert Brexit negotiations unless true believers in democracy use the power of social media to demand those who are complicit and behind the peoples vote give back the money. By using the hashtags #givebackthebloodmoney #superdry and #peoplesvote together, we can cause this to trend on Twitter and make the public think about the terrible working conditions these poor people have had to endure in sweatshops in the third world just to provide this donation that will line the pockets of anti-Brexit pollsters and unscrupulous hard-remainers.

Further pressure will be put on the company in question as the adverse publicity around these hashtags are likely to drive down the value of the company’s shares, hitting them in their own pockets and causing the boardroom to reign in Dunkerton’s political posturing and subversion of democracy.

It’s time to take a stand against these anti-British individuals and I think by using these hashtags, we can all do this and make a contribution to stop those who would destroy our democracy with bulging pockets of dubious cash.





Charlie Mullins, founder of the hugely successful enterprise  “Pimlico Plumbers” and outspoken advocate of well-trained, well-paid tradesmen, 2015-01-19-19-33-29-684505543has hit out at employers, large and small, who pay below the minimum wage.

In an article for Real Business, Mullins says:

I was staggered to discover there are still firms out there, including some well-known names, which are still failing to pay the National Minimum Wage.

Most recently, 37 were named and shamed, which is a good thing, because any business who pays their people less than the minimum deserves to be put in the stocks and have their bad practices exposed.

And does anyone really believe major firms like retailer H&M and Welcome Break, the service station operator, when they say that staff were paid below the minimum wage as a result of H&M’s “time logging errors” and Welcome Break’s “IT problems”?

Seriously, if these company bosses are struggling to work out an hourly rate on a calculator, you have to wonder how they manage to guide these multi-million pound operations to ring up such large profits.

He went on:

I’m sure they’d pay much more attention if, instead of the paltry £51,000 fine these 37 firms received, their CEOs got a 12-month stretch at Her Majesty’s pleasure.

I do think it’s great that the government is attempting to crack down on businesses who fail to pay a minimum of £6.50 an hour to any staff aged over 21. But the fines of just £1,400 for each of the businesses in question are pathetic – especially when H&M racks up more than £600m in profit in three months alone.

Pimlico Plumbers are a model employer, their skilled staff, tradesmen and women, earn well above the minimum wage, some hard working employees can take home six figure salaries for their pound- of-flesh!

Margaret Thatcher would have been proud of Charlie Mullins, his kind of entrepreneurial quest was her elixir of life, her very reason to become a public servant.

Mullins is right of course – expensive tax credits do subsidise those employers who seek to exploit the taxpayer and gullible ministers. This current coalition is 2015-01-19-19-33-06-629630298ignorant to these “rogue employers” – preferring to encourage ‘jobs at any price’!

Charlie Mullins has many wise-words for employees and employers alike, but, without doubt, the last paragraph in his article should become part of the British Constitution:

In our country there are millions who are officially in poverty, and what’s making it even more shocking is that more than half of those people are in work.

For me, if you go to work every day you deserve a decent reward – no exceptions!