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Let’s be honest, can any Tory activist, politician or casual supporter name a single successful defining policy during the past five and a half years that can be attributed to David Cameron’s premiership?

We can all agree the economy has improved, jobs, tax revenue and living standards are up, and our budget deficit is down. But none of it can be associated with our PM!

The Nothing Man!

The Nothing Man!

Only one single act of legislation can be associated with the above economic recovery – tax reduction!

Unfortunately for David Cameron, those who understand politics will be well aware the increase in tax thresholds was a bold LibDem policy, not at all considered by a nervous prospective Tory government in May 2010. Amazingly,  that’s where it begins and ends. By making taxes less of a burden,  the unemployed have gone back to work.  The result has been increased tax revenues, investment and deficit pare down. And that’s it ladies and gentlemen, the economic recovery in a nutshell!

Nothing else has contributed, NHS and Overseas aid ring fencing has done nothing to help. The Scottish Referendum yielded nothing, Britain simply knuckled down and got on with it. Immigration hasn’t contributed, the EU has held us back and every other Tory policy,  be it during, or post coalition has been insignificant to say the least.

So where does Cameron go from here? Well, he has promised to go. During those ridiculous kitchen interviews in the run-up to the last election, Mr Cameron insisted he will not contest the 2020 election. His lucky, but un-spectacular Chancellor;  George Osborne is yet another wet Tory in waiting.  Boris is past his sell by date and Teresa May will probably fall, due to the immigration crises she has so significantly failed over.

By 2018 Cameron will be withdrawing from the race, the economy will still be recovering,  be it so slowly, no one will have noticed. The EU referendum will have come and gone, Britain will have voted to stay in and Mr Cameron will slip away without a single reform or creditable policy.

How sad that in today’s political world, doing next to nothing and not actually having a failed economic, or any other kind of policy, will result in a very average Prime Minister recorded in history as a “Nothing Man”!

This weekend must rank as one of the worst for the Labour Party in the past 5 years.

The broadcasters have seized on press headlines attacking Ed Milibands leadership qualities (or lack of them) and further compounded his woes by quoting many of his detractors in his own party.

Claims that 50% Labour MPs have given up on the forthcoming General Election and instead are readying themselves for a bloody leadership battle after 7th May are credible.

All eyes are looking left, but at The Westminster Wing we see even larger problems looming for the Tories in the run-up to May’s elections.

Sajid Javid BBC Sunday Politics

Sajid Javid BBC Sunday Politics

On the BBCs Sunday Politics Show today, Secretary of State Sajid Javid gave a creditable performance despite Andrew Neil’s ‘Blue Nun’ fuelled aggressive questioning. Political editor of The Sun: Tom Newton Dunn tweeted..

Our own Sir Trev Skint went further:

But, there are only a handful of humble, Tory MPs possessed of the common touch. The vast majority are elitist,  narcissistic and conceited.

Ed Miliband’s bungling of Labour’s election campaign so far, aided by the Tory press, has given these presumptuous types a false sense of populism. It’s palpable, the British voting public will detect it very soon.

Ed Miliband could be in Downing Street through complacency

Ed Miliband could be in Downing Street through complacency

Yes David Cameron can point to improvements in the economy but, people are not feeling the benefits of these policies,  they take time to filter through.

Have the Tories peaked too soon thanks to Miliband’s ham-fisted,  self inflicted, atrocious start to his campaign? Could the voters turn in favour of the Labour underdogs if a large gap appears in the Tories popularity polling?

David Cameron needs to emulate Sajid Javid’s humble performances to reign-in his party’s over-confidence or there could be a dramitic turn in the polls, leading to Justine Thornton measuring up the curtains in Downing Street.

Rewind back to 2009 and David Cameron – leader of the opposition was demanding Gordon Brown should accept the challenge on live TV.

In the past 3 weeks Cameron appears to be backtracking. His insistence on the Green Party’s inclusion has been spun as weakness by his political enemies.  But is this the case?

The 2010 debates were billed as “Prime Ministerial” debates. Meaning, a debate between those most likely to take the keys to No. 10.

The terminology has changed, and the broadcasters are now referring to these deabates as “Leaders” and not “Prime Minesterial”! This is all Lynton Crosby and George Osborne (Cameron’s closest advisers) need to provide an escape clause. By insisting the Geen Party be included they are well aware the SNP will take up a legal challenge to the format, citing Nichola Sturgeon be included, especially given she leads a party larger than all other contenders except the Tories and Labour. This is exactly the chaos Crosby and Osborne seek.  There is an imperative. CameronScreenshot_2015-01-18-14-55-37 cannot go up against Nigel Farage and come out unscathed on ‘Immigration’ and the ‘EU’.

Yet the Prime Minister is between a rock and a hard place. By avoiding Farage, he will appear weak and ineffective,  but should he dismiss Crosby and Osborne’s advice, he will not only expose himself to humiliation at the hands of the UKIP leader live on national television, worse, he will alienate his closest friends and allies as well as encourage his detractors.

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