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The primary duty of all governments is to protect the nation and its people. What it protects us from is rather vague. I pose the question; what constitutes a threat to our wellbeing, our national security, our culture and our very lives?

Clearly the government decides this. Therefore they can pick and choose whatever they decide to be responsible for. It goes without saying therefore, that, should they fail to protect us – and let’s face it, there is no more clear example than Monday’s tragic terror attack in Manchester – then the government and it’s liberal agencies try to shame anyone who doesn’t accept their “carry on regardless” directive by accusing those who demand action against the perpetrators as right wing extremists and racists! And yes, that even includes, traumatised parents.

From chief constables to the BBC, metro mayors and celebrity luvvies, we receive lecture after sickening lecture, warning us to refrain from any thoughts of disgust, fear or anger. We must go about our state sponsored lives and keep our mouths shut! Furthermore, we must fawn over our politically correct police and NHS operatives, who have taken time off from arresting people for posting offensive tweets, or striking for more pay and less working hours!

God forbid if any self respecting journalists or worthless pleb should ask the government why these tragedies occur. Or worse, demand to know why every terrorist attack is carried out by radical muslims who appear on national security danger lists around the civilised the world! juncker-hollande-merkel

Throughout my years of covering such inhumane acts of terrorism and depravity, never have I felt so impotent and devoid of creative nuances! I cannot summon a single elegant or cutting phrase to elevate this commentary! I’m simply worn down by the complacency and ineffectiveness of modern liberal governments, outsourcing their responsibilities to what I can only describe as media apologists and celebrity virtue signallers.

I have consequently concluded that due to years of enforced multiculturalism, diversity or uncontrolled third world immigration, lack of planning for infrastructure and expansion of public services, which causes as much anger and depravity for immigrants and the indigenous population in equal measure, we must firmly lay the blame for every future atrocious act of terror-related, depraved mass murder – whichever side of the political or religious spectrum it comes from – at the feet of our elected and unelected politicians and the European governments they form.


When Ed Miliband protested in Sheffield that one million voters had disappeared from the electoral roll due to a switch from household registration to individual registration,  he was undoubtedly referring to students and young voters who would naturally vote Labour. One million voters equates to a large UK city, or 11 constituency MPs! Those numbers could swing a general election result. Little wonder the Labour Party are interested. So just imagine if six million voters disappeared! Well, they have! Yes, the equivalent of 70 constituency MPs have simply vanished…HOW? Expats (UK voters living and working abroad) are entitled to vote in general elections. But hardly any of them do. It takes effort and paperwork and like Labour’s lethargic students,  they either can’t be bothered or simply don’t engage. Although there are 6 million of them, around half of all UK expats tend to stay abroad for over 15 years, after which the 15 year rule kicks-in. You cannot vote in a UK general election after 15 years. Many attempts have been made by expat political activists to have the 15 year rule repealed, the current Conservative/LibDem coalition are at best ambivalent to it. That still leaves the equivalent of 3 major cities,  or over 30 MPs up for grabs! expats_2243327c The fringe parties like UKIP could capitalise on these 3 million disappeared, especially as many expats escaped the UK citing disillusionment with the state of the economy, immigration, or any number of reasons that could be addressed by a savvy political operator. Keep-Calm-and-Vote-Full-sizeThe first political party that pledges to overturn the 15 year rule, thus courting our expats by offering them a re-connection to the motherland, could, one day, galvanise the diaspora into the most powerful voting block in British Political history.